planestrains_web_l“We’ll have better luck playing pick up sticks with our butt cheeks.”

What to say about Planes, Trains and Autombiles?

planes-trains-and-automobiles-movie-posterThe best Thanksgiving movie ever made?  A perfect comedy?  A timeless film that captures the best performances of two of the best comedic actors ever?  All of these things are true.  And it is probably John Hughes’ best directing job.  And at the same time, he lets his script, full of hilarious jokes and a real heart, be brought to life by two of the best in the business without any sense of ego.  It’s perfect.


There are laugh out loud moments of awkwardness.  The pillow scene.  The chatty Cathy doll.  The “going the wrong way” moments.

The subtle moments are where I feel the movie shines.  “How about a nice hot dog and beer.”  “He’s proud of his town.”  “Her first baby come out sideways.”

And in the age of the bromance, it’s kind of that first one that I remember seeing and being excited about two guys learning to be buddies. The “talk to much” speech is terrible heart breaking.

And what makes it a great Hughes film?  The script, the acting and the direction are so perfectly right for the movie that we don’t KNOW its a Hughes film.  We see it and are surprised every time that it came from the “teen movie guy.”

Yes.  It’s a perfect comedy.  And no.  Those aren’t pillows.


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