Summer 2013: Mid Season Score Card

Well, the summer movie season is almost over.  What can I say, it’s been a pretty epic summer for movies.  And I’ve done a good job of actually seeing movies in the theater this yea.  Who says people don’t live up to their New Year’s resolutions?

1)  MAN OF STEEL:  Without a doubt the class of the summer.  And in my mind, the 2nd best comic movie of all time.

2)  STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS:  Ya I get it.  Trekkers don’t like it.  But I’m not a trekker.  Or trekkie.  But anyway, I dug it.

3)  WHITE HOUSE DOWN:  There are certain things Roland Emmerich does really well.  This movie was one of them.  FUN.

4)  GI JOE:  RETALIATION:  Guilty pleasure type film, but I thought it was alot of fun.  More like the GI Joe comics I grew up with.

5)  WORLD WAR Z:  I’m not a zombie movie guy.  THis is a good zombie movie.

6)  HANGOVER PART III:  Loved the final battle!

7)  IRON MAN 3:  Shane Black did Iron Man justice.  A great improvement on 2.  And better than Avengers.

8)  THIS IS THE END:  Funny, but a bit overrated.

9)  NOW YOU SEE ME:  Like most magicians, this movie had me until the reveal.  And then I realized the whole thing was lame.

10) THE LONE RANGER:  Terrible.  Just.  Terrible.

What say you?


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