The \S/

vly4vbNIn two weeks, Man of Steel is premiering.  I’m more excited for a new movie than I’ve ever been.  To explain exactly how much is an impossibility.  How do you sum up the anticipation that’s been building for 37 years?  My excitement isn’t just because it’s a cool movie.  Or gonna be epic in it’s action.  Or that it will have a certain degree of emotional levity.  It’s all about the \S/.

People that I know that are “nerds” are fans to the extreme for a reason.  I put Chris Copple, Gary Warren, Doug Descant, Anne Marie Messino, Mike Donis, Issa Kafena and others in this camp.  We connect to a story or characters that touch us.  That captures our imagination and help us to dream bigger.  And those that don’t get it are missing out.

I’ve been a Superman fan since I was making bath towel capes in my pajamas.  There has always been a magic in the character.  While my friends grew into Wolverine fans or other Marvel fans, I was always captured by what Superman meant.  He was hope.  A symbol of what we all could be.  When we made Funny Books, we asked potential actors what character they would rather be:  Superman or Batman.  Mike Shirley put it best by saying “We all want to be Superman.  To be the one everyone looks up too.  Anyone who disagrees is lying.”  Needless to say…he got the part.

He’s the outsider…the man who’s power comes from his birth father…but the hero side comes from Jonathan Kent.  That’s so counter to how most super heroes come about their drive to be heroic.  Many people dismiss him as lame, the boyscout.  But hopefully the positivity will become cool again.

As I’ve just purchased my first ticket to see the new iteration, I recognize that Superman has had an iffy cinematic legacy.  I’ve loved a lot of the movies.  And loathed a few of them.  But I can’t help but feel that Man of Steel got it right.  The Donner / Singer films were mired in preCrisis camp.  This one seems to be of our time.  And seems to capture the struggle it takes to put the world on the shoulders.  Before we see the film, here is my list of favorite Superman films.

1)  SUPERMAN:  THE MOVIE  Donner’s first and Christopher Reeve becomes Kal El.

2)  SUPERMAN 2:  THE DONNER CUT  Donner pieces together his version of Superman 2 using old test footage.

3)  SUPERMAN RETURNS:  Brian Singer’s much maliged take on the MOS.  I love the film.  Unjustly hated on.

4)  SUPERMAN 2:  Some non Superman silliness.


That’s all that was made, right?  RIGHT????


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