3 References And Why Being Twitchy Is Awesome

Wow, it’s hard to believe that I’ve not blogged about 3 References in over year.  Since June 19 in fact. In that time, the movie is almost done and will end up taking less than a year from the time shooting stopped to final cut.  This weekend, all the foley was put into place and the final music choices made. For us, its the fastest turnaround time we’ve had and puts us on schedule to make the Austin Film Festival’s deadline.

And it got me thinking – its why I love this merry band of filmmakers we’ve put together.  We’re hard to pin down.  With films at our budget level, it “should” happen faster because many use that as an excuse.  “Our film isn’t mixed as well.  No worries, it only cost 3 G.”    But we’re working to make movies that LOOK and SOUND better than a film at our budget level.  So typically, we’re in post production for over a year.  Because we want to make something good to the point where the audience doesn’t realize that this only cost a few grand to make.  They’re just watching a movie.  And while they’re watching this movie we’re also making another one and making a music video.  We might even launch a talk show soon.  We’re just about the work.  That desire to just work as hard as we can is starting to pay dividends and we couldn’t be more excited.

This past weekend, editor Chris Copple and I (with help from Terissa Kelton and Lauren Shelton) huddled up in my house and work for 2 1/2 days on the film.  We’ve been working together for so long that its now a well oiled machine and we’re not afraid to tell each other what we think of this choice or that edit.  And in the 7 years we’ve known each other, we’ve learned so much.  We ended up working on 3 References to the point of just needed to finish the color grading and the final sound mix.  And we truly are excited about how it looks.

In a few weeks, we’ll release the trailer and launch the website.  Looking ahead, with Goin’ Guerrilla and 3 References, our trajectory as the hardest working filmmakers in Austin seems safe.

So keep an eye out.  And for a tease check out Shane Smith and the Saints.  Their song “We Were Too Young” plays an epic role in the film.


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