Quad X: And….We’re…Done.

IMG_4863That’s a wrap folks.  It’s always bitter sweet to say goodbye to a film cast and crew.  For 8 months we’ve wrestled with this script, diving into preproduction and finalizing the film.  With over 160 pages and over 50 speaking roles, it was not just the most ambitious film(s) I’ve done, it’s the most ambitious indie film done at our “level” that I’m aware of.  I’m proud to say that, as hard as it was at times, we pulled it off.

IMG_4830We rolled into the weekend with 3 very different days.  On Thursday, we shot the trailer for the movie within the movie based on everyones favorite superheroes…JUSTICE LESBOS.  On Friday, we rolled the trailer for the movie in the movie for the horror “film” HOME-CUMMING.  And then there was Saturday…

IMG_4853Saturday saw us having to shoot 15 pages in an attempt to get the film wrapped and not have any pickup days (as of now.)  When we got on set, it was break neck.  And hilarious. Just running through scenes, including some shots at the exterior of the capital.

IMG_4843And then it was over.  We celebrated with some Kirby Lane and beers at Twitchy South, but we all walked away knowing that the experience of working on this film won’t ever be repeated.  Some of the actors made their last appearance in a Twitchy film and new cast dynamics will reign on future sets.  And while we return to action for a short in just 3 weeks, we can’t help but realize that this particular dynamic is over.

IMG_4867So now, we’ll move onto editing and continue to finish up our other projects.  We can’t thank everyone enough for their help and support.  I’m not sure people outside of indie film realize what an accomplishment it is to finish a film.  From the cast and crew to the folks who donated to the indiegogo campaign – we thank you.

The future is bright for Twitchy.  Shorts on the way.  Next 3 features planned.  And of course, Scarlet Waters 666 in October!


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