Quad X: Premature Wrap-ulations

IMG_4719IMG_4744So, this weekend is, in many ways, what Twitchy Dolphin is about.  We shot a lot.  And we did a lot of shots! Seriously, but not really.

Twitchy has built a reputation of being a family and a team that puts the work first and a team that is working hard for each other not just for “making it.”    It is a team that has people traveling from all over to make flix with us.  So for our second to last weekend, we had Mike Donis (Toronto) MarcIMG_4733 Wasserman (LA) Dave Cohen (Florida) and Janet Mayson (Illinoise) on set.  It’s always as much a family reunion as it is work.  We’ve always prided our selves in making the experience of being on set as much a reward as anything else.  I think we did that this weekend.

IMG_4800We started with some XXXX and XXXX2 scenes on Wednesday evening.  Andrea Dettling’s “Chastity” and Mike Donis’ “Bill England” shot their romantic bits.  Andrea also did her scenes with Vanessa Perry (Miss Prissy).  These scenes dealt with Chastity training Miss Prissy for life on an adult film set.  Yes, there was a popsicle involved.

IMG_4770Thursday, we got Billy Kring threatening to use his Smith and Wesson to violate a guy and I took another turn as Mike Antonio, a rather prudish cop.  The night was a lot of fun, playing on the police procedural tropes.  Billy, being one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known just killed us as he went on his “I’m tired of defending your crap to the commissioner” rant.

IMG_4727Friday followed with a highly anticipated day.  HARD ROCKET landed.  And Marc Wasserman did not disappoint.  He’s been prepping for this role for months, shredding his body to the point that he refused to take his shirt off at times.  Dave Cohen stepped in, making his Twitchy debut as an IMG_4741unfortunate father of two porn star sisters.    Not to be out done, Clif Haley, Sarah England and Ben Tubbs rolled in to shoot their scenes as the writers for XXXX Films.  The scene was live, ripe with improv (Whora the Explorer?) and carrying on.  Epic.

IMG_4747Friday followed with a couple of the bigger ensemble scenes, including the Quad X wedding scene.  Then, we decided to have the wrap party.  I know, I know.  We still have 3 days left, but with so much of the cast from out of town there for the shoot, we figured what the heck.  And it was epic.  We had new shots (HARD ROCKETS) and Aaron Gaudin’s new micro brew imprint MONTAGE BREW made a special brew for the occasion (Vagin-ale).  Marc took his shirt off.  Over and over again.  Beer pong was played, behind the scenes pictures shared and we took a moment to thank everyone for all the work on the film so far.  We’re a family and that’s what it felt like.  And Marc Wasserman eventually put a shirt on. IMG_4767


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