My Heart In Muskogee

IMG_4687I have to begin with the words that cannot really be understated.  “Thank you.”  To Oscar and Shiron and Thea and all the Bare Bones crew.  Thank you.  To my wife who puts up with way more than anyone can ever REALLY know.  Thank you.

With the week that we’ve had, we cannot forget how far we’ve come thanks to all of your help.
IMG_4633Twitchy at large (Jim, Chris, Terissa, Mike, Janet, Carlo, Billy, Jessica, Colby) made the road trip to Bare Bones, one of the absolute best film festivals out there for true independents.  (it’s not just us saying so.  Ask MOVIE MAKER magazine).  This is our third trip to the fest and its honestly become home.  Since Look At Me Again premiered there, they are among the gold standard for how a fest SHOULD treat a filmmaker.
This year, we screened two films (Abram’s Hand and Werebitches 2) and I had three IMG_4686writing projects in the fest (Soldier Dog, The Devil’s Gun, Pete Winning).  The fest was full of live readings, screenings and networking.  We got great feedback on the films and we also got a treat…Janet Mayson singing “Tennessee Watz” was amazing.  I was nominated for Indie Auteur of the Year as well which put me on a filmmaking panel.  It was a very cool  to get on a panel and talk film with guys who are going through similar struggles.  Sometimes, especially being a director, this can be a very lonely endeavor.  As a the guy everyone looks too, you can’t ever really get bummed or down.  So it was nice to really get to share stories and get ideas from other indie directors.
IMG_4682While in town, we even worked a bit on XXXX featuring scenes with Torontonians Ryan Andrews and Shawn Devlin.
Now of course, the awards are always a big deal.  We were just thrilled to walk away with a bunch of hardware.  The Devils Gun IMG_4671took silver for the screenplays and won Audience choice while Pete Winning  won best Foreign Action show. As for the indie Auteur thing, it was an epic moment for me when my name was IMG_4672called.  I didn’t expect it at all and it is a highlight in my career.  I’ll always treasure it.  I really was just thrilled to be mentioned in the same breath.  They said we are ambassadors, so I’m really going to focus on trying to be that and help other indie filmmakers starting out get better.
IMG_4685What makes Bare Bones the best is the people.  At the end of the fest, Mike and I are leaving and OScar pulls us aside and tells us that he thinks we’re going far.  He had no reason to do this.  But I walked away really inspired and ready to take this to a new level.
Along with the Bare Bones wins, Twitchy won some additional honors from other fests.  The Canadian Film Festival honored Solider Dog script while the Honolulu Film Festival awarded Turkey Day with their Gold Kahuna award.  Abram’s Hand took home an Aloha Accolade.
IMG_4683Can’t write long.  Marc Wasserman is in town for Quad X. You know what that means.  So, with Quad X about to wrap, what’s next?  We’re prepping SCARLET WATERS  666!  The lineup is epic!  All the films playing so far are multi award winners, so come out!  check out for for deets and let us know if you’re interested in sponsoring the banner or the fest!  It’s growing!  And Bill Hass is doing 3 days of standup.
In fact, you can help us grow by going to Movie Maker magazine and helping us make their list!  Here are some fests we’re trying to push.
Scarlet Waters – our fest.  A true indie alternative for Austin.
Bare Bones Film Festival – the way filmmakers SHOULD be treated.
Action on Film Festival – one of the busiest and most fun fests out there.  And yet Del knows everyone’s name.
Traildance – We’re new to this one, but so professional and so nice.  Very much one deserving of filmmakers attention.

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