And so it begins…the XXXX saga

Girls banner

Tomorrow, I’ll sit at the director’s chair for my 9th and 10th features for Twitchy Dolphin (Littlefield was distributed by Twitchy, but shot before Twitchy existed). I’m trying to find some calm before the storm that will inevitably set in on my life.   Shooting a movie is tough personally and on my wife who must live with me being very distracted.

So what is the XXXX saga?  It’s two films at once…both mockumentaries (think Spinal Tap and Best In Show) that follows an adult film company.   Both films will be shot at the samexxxx legs 1 time, the second of which (The Porn Movie Massacre) adds the element of a slasher movie to the mix.  The preproduction of these projects has been tough – a huge cast begets its own problems; the logistic of two very different sets ups has been tough to balance and trying to juggle other commitments has left me feeling like I’m two steps behind.  Thank God for the production staff!

So why keep doing it?  We’ve done 8 feature films on budgets that don’t add up to one budget of some of the films we compete against.  Why go through the headache?  All I can say is, its worth it.  It’s worth it to create something totally unique that isn’t tainted or watered down by a studio process.  It’s worth it to put something out there that is wholly yours.  And the experience of going to battle with like minded individuals is completely worth it.  For as much as the lack money really pains us at times (and it does) at least we’re out there, doing our own thing.  That freedom priceless.

So, the question begs….why THIS film?  Why a film about porn stars?  Again, it goes back to having a question to answer, this one dealing with freedom of speech, and much like we did with Abram’s Hand, we want to be as upfront as we could when asking this question. XXXX 2 poster knifeAnd it’s been an interesting experiment.  Our indiegogo fund raiser has been a huge success.  Past our goal with 20 days left.  And we’ve had a lot of people wondering if we’re making porn (were not.)  We’ve had actors leave the project due to familial pressure.  But the ones that have stayed with us have reveled in the chance to do the film because they believe in the script and what it says about freedom, expression and society.

So this is going to be our 9th and 10th feature.  I’m sure when Twitchy started, people doubted if we would finish one.  Then it was like, can they really do more?  After the third one, people wondered if anyone would see any.  Since then, we’ve been playing fests and shooting more and more projects.  We’ve been growing, as CEO Nathan Bybee says “At a pace that makes sense.”

XXXX1 official posterThe 9th and 10th.  And I feel in my bones it has the chance XXXX2 official posterto be something epic.  Thank you to all the people who have continued to support us.  Thank you to all the people who have believed in us this whole time.  We couldn’t be “us” without you.  And there is still time to donate. The perks are awesome.  And they count double.  Tomorrow it begins.  Keep checking back!  Every week we’ll be offering updates after every weekend of shooting.  And you know those pics will be interesting…


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