New Bond Film Rankings

SKYFALL was amazing.  I don’t want to get to into a review for fear of spoilers.  But I thought it was an incredible entry into the franchise and, in many ways, the most “Bond” of the Craig films.

Here’s the new list:

1)     Goldfinger

2)     Casino Royale

3)     GoldenEye

4)     For Your Eyes Only

5)     SKYFALL

6)     Thunderball

7)      From Russia With Love

8)      Tomorrow Never Dies

9)      The Living Day Lights

10)      Dr. No

11)    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

12)   Live And Let Die

13)   Quantum of Solace

14)    You Only Live Twice

15)    License To Kill

16)    The Spy Who Loved Me

17)    Live And Let DIe

18)  The Man With The Golden Gun

19)   Never Say Never Again

20)   Diamonds Are Forever

21)    The World Is Not Enough

22)    Moonraker

23)    Octopussy

24)    A View To A Kill


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