Final Word (for Now) on Bond

So, it’s been a real treat to dive into my Bond 50 blu ray collection.  I’ve watched every Bond film, save the Craig films (waiting for Skyfall).  Some were better than I remembered.  Some were way worse.  There are too many films to list and break them all down, but I will give my list of my favorite Bond actors first.  Now, these men weren’t necessarily in the best flicks.  But they were the embodiment of what I think Bond should be.

1)  Pierce Brosnan – His popularity is waning, but I think he encompassed the most of the Bond character:  the looks, the charm, the wit, the brutality.  And he really played tortured Bond well.  (see the scene in TOMORROW NEVER DIES with the vodka and the gun waiting for Teri Hatcher)

2) Daniel Craig – I don’t think this is a heart pick because he’s the current 007, but he’s brought an intensity to the role that wouldn’t have worked in any other era.  Not sure I believe him as a ladies man, though.

3)  Sean Connery – The original.

4)  Roger Moore – the one I grew up with.  But he was more of a jokester playboy than a real man of action.  Felt like a TV detective show at times..

5)  Timothy Dalton – Gets a bad wrap.

6)  George Lazenby – Not a great actor, but his film is great.

So, the films:

1)     Goldfinger

2)     Casino Royale

3)     GoldenEye

4)     For Your Eyes Only

5)     Thunderball

6)      From Russia With Love

7)      Tomorrow Never Dies

8)      The Living Day Lights

9)      Dr. No

10)    On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

11)   Live And Let Die

12)   Quantum of Solace

13)    You Only Live Twice

14)    License To Kill

15)    The Spy Who Loved Me

16)    Live And Let DIe

17)  The Man With The Golden Gun

18)   Never Say Never Again

19)   Diamonds Are Forever

20)    The World Is Not Enough

21)    Moonraker

22)    Octopussy

23)    A View To A Kill


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