Halloween 6: The Curse of Halloween Fans

So, we didn’t look at Halloween 6 THE CURSE OF MICHAEL MEYERS to examine a great horror film.  While strong for a horror sequel, it pales when compared to the rest of its brethren.

I looked at two cuts of the film, the original theatrical and the so called “producers cut.”  The goal was to see the two versions of the film after the legendary disastrous test screening.

Some back story:  for the first time, a Halloween movie was given a test screening.  The audience was made up of 15 year old boys who tore the movie, written by a long time Halloween fan, apart.  So, the movie, in an attempt to retcon the reasons behind Michael’s murders and find a way to continue the series.  Some big Halloween fans were able to get a copy of the test print of the film and reconstruct the original version (producers cut.)

While a fan might not like the direction (not sure I did) of the story, it was at least executed in an interesting way and the narrative made sense and provided some great twists.  All the recut version did was dumb the plot down leaving loose ends and give Donald Pleasance a fate not worth the time he spent in the series.  Except for a few cool kill scenes that make no sense in the new context of the film, nothing positive was added by the change.  Essentially proving the point that film really can’t be made by bean counting committees.  The decision was such a train wreck that it resulted in the producers ignoring the film altogether en eventually rebooting the franchise.

As I stated before, Halloween is the most solid of horror franchises with the most movies that are worth a darn.

Here’s how the Halloween films of the original franchise rank:







HALLOWEEN Resurrection


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