2 Headed Sharks and a Giant Octopus

TWO HEADED SHARK ATTACK and MEGA SHARK v GIANT OCTOPUS (both by The Asylum) aren’t supposed to be “good.”  They’re supposed to be fun, cheesy B movies that are filled with camp.  So, a movie should be judged by what they set out to do.  And these movies both get A’s.

TWO HEADED SHARK ATTACK follows a group of college students on a semester at sea led by who else, but Carmen Elektra.  Some cheesy shark attack scenes and a bunch of hot chicks in bikinis later, most everyone is dead.  The shark is essentially a great white with two heads that now can sense blood and movement in the water at double the sensitivity.  And it shows.  This one guy gets his dream with two topless ladies in waist deep water.  5 minutes of them making out and bam, they have no tops left.  This flick is a lot of fun and it proves that two heads are better than one.
MEGA SHARK on the other hand pits two of natures killing machines against each other with with Debbie Gibson (yes, middle school me, THAT Debbie Gibson – not Deborah) and Lorenzo Lama (Renegade…anyone?  Anyone?)  caught in the middle.  And nothing stands a chance, not even the 747 that is SNATCHED OUT OF THE AIR!
The Asylum prides themselves on making cheap, schlocky movies.  And while enjoyed better drunk or stoned, they are a lot of fun.  Guilty pleasures I recommend.


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