So, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 1-3.  I’m not going to on about these films.  They are part of the horror cannon with a passionate fan base.  I will start with this statement though.  I didn’t see them until much later in life and I’m void of the fan boyism that comes with these flicks.  (unlike say, Star Wars or Batman). 

I thought the first one was cool.  It was dark and creepy, though I will hold off on the word scary.  And I don’t think the acting was all that great.  Now, I will say the f/x and dreamscapes were epic.  The thing everyone tells me is:  “this Freddy is darker than the sequels.”  I didn’t see that, not that it was bad.  I thought he came off as creepy, murderous and in control.

NIghtmare 2 isn’t worth discussing, but I liked Nightmare 3 even more than the original.  I thought the kills were more creative and took advantage of the possibilities of the dream.  “Welcome to prime time bitch!”

So, like I said, I don’t have the attachment of time with these movies like some (Benjamin Jabe, Ryan Andrews) do.  So here goes, I dug the remake more than the original.  I think because Jackie Earl Haley is a better “actor” and created a much darker version with more realistic looking burns.  That and making him a full on child molester (child murderer always made me feel like they were hinting around the obvious) just made a bigger impact on me as an audience member. 

So all in all, I dug the films and will continue the series, but it just didn’t have the impact on me that Hellraiser did in this year’s challenge. 


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