Forget Me Not (Would That I Could)

So, Forget Me Not was terrible. 

“How terrible was it!?”  So terrible that I FORGOT that i already saw it.  So maybe it’s not a sign of its terrible factor, but one of its forgetful factor.  I forgot Forget Me Not.

The plot is one that Craven makes fun of in Scream.  Hot people who are all together unlikeable do things I wish I could do with them and then they start to disappear.  They drink, smoke, do drugs, do eachother.  Hell, they even go on spring break.  At one point, one of them trips over a book of cliches.  And these cliches are not ironic or trying to make a point, they’re just there.  I’m bored at writing this.  it’s just.  Unwatchable.

BUT, I did watch Nightmare: Red White And Blue, an excellent doc on the development of American horror cinema.  It’s got all the greats:  Carpenter, Romero and others discussing Horror and how it fits into the fabric of American social history.  Great stuff. 

Tonight:  Hellraiser (never seen it.)


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