Children of the Corn: Genesis

So, an audible, and here’s why.  Rather than review Children of the Corn V, I went with the latest entry in the series, Children of the Corn:  Genesis.  Here’s why:  there is a law of diminishing returns in regards to horror sequels.  Most of them suck, despite the occasional gem.  The Children of the Corn series, much like the Chainsaw series, has the dubious distinction of sucking more than others.  Much of them are direct to DVD and are pretty unwatchable.

So, I rolled the dice on this one and what I got was…well…weird.  Not bad.  Just weird.  And pretty creepy.  It even starts Billy Drago (Frank Nitty in UNTOUCHABLES) as a creepy preachers complete with a Russian mail order bride and a boy locked in the garage who may (or may not be) haunted by He Who Walks Behind The Rows.  The film begins with a creepy flashback of a soldier returning home from Vietnam to find his family murdered by the Children of the Corn (with corn, as it turns out).  So the time line of the film kind of wraps around the original and serves as a prequel and a sequel to the events in Gatlin, though they are rarely discusses explicitly.

The film does a great job of building suspense and creating tension.  What it doesn’t do is pay off on that tension, nor does it really answer the mystery in any satisfying degree.  It just kind of ends after a pretty intense chase scene.

So, I guess, Children of the Corn gets “better” but the new installment doesn’t really earn a repeat viewing.


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