Halloween Challenge Day 1: Children Of The Corn

So look, first rule of horror films:  kids are creepy.  Be it Gage from Pet Cemetary, the little blonde girl from Poltergeist or even (shameless plug here) my kid in the Twitchy Dolphin short Scorned.
Steven King ran with this concept in Children of the Corn, a tale of a town overran with some prepubescent religious zealots.  The film succeeds in being creepy as hell. While some will look at the effects as dated (they are) and that the reliance on them in the third act might take away from the whole product (they do), the film still succeeds to scare the audience.  My wife Jessica had never seen it and was genuinely on the edge of her seat the whole time.

Of course, now she regrets it every time I sneak behind her and whisper “He who walks behind the rows.”  Oh well, its almost Halloween.

Tonight, I’ll tackle Children of the Corn 5.


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