3 References Production Diary Days 12,13,14

There is really no better place to be a (true) indie filmmaker than Austin, Texas.  Period.  End of story.  It’s a community that opens its doors in support for indie film, making it possible for filmmakers to really focus on getting everything right for their film.  In the spirit of that coordination, a big thank you goes out to Dirty Bills on 6th and the Wurst Tex food truck that both let us shoot in and around their locations.

This was the final big weekend for the film.  We welcomed LOOK AT ME AGAIN star Vanessa Perry back to the fold.  Of special personal interest to me was the return to the screen of Daniel Cano, a guy I acted with way back in high school.  And I’m an old guy, so that’s a long time.
Vanessa and Daniel play a husband and wife and friend to Christian Swacker’s Nick.  The pair oozed chemistry and created the kind of charm on camera that will have folks asking for a spin off film.  In addition to all of their shots, we also saw Nick’s meltdown, he and a German Shepherd going to 3rd base and some awkward speed dating.  All in a day’s work for Austin’s most prolific indie filmmakers.
Daniel, Vanessa, Terissa, Christian and James.
Next up is the last shoot day on June 15th when two actors from out of town get in, then the ultimate wrap party.
Brendan and his celebrity look alike.


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