Twitchy Palooza

On May 10, we held our 3rd Twitchy Palooza.  Twitchy Palooza is a concert event that we throw to highlight some of the artists that so generously donate their music to our flicks.  The event also served as the DVD launch for the award winning Look At Me Again.
Folks braved the nasty rain to see some great acts.  3 References cast member Lauren Hayes made her debut and wowed the crowd with her beautiful voice.  Brandon Whitlan, whose music appeared in the recently premiered Turkey Day took the mic next with a darker palate of tunes.  Long time contributor Clif Haley (actor, cowriter of the musical short Phantom Tragedy) sang the theme song from Funny Books (Bad Guys Running), some original tunes and then blew the doors off with Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”
Former Plow Monday front man Jon English was up next.  Jon’s music served as the soundtrack for our first feature Littlefield.  The title track moved the audience and he closed out the set with the classic Plow Monday hit “At You.”  Jon noted that the play list was entirely created by long time friend and Twitchy producer Jessica Bybee Dziedzic.  Finally, the headliner.  Texas Renegade rocked J Black’s Feel Good lounge for over an hour.  This band will eventually be huge and might literally melt people’s faces off.  Their music has been a part of Twitchy’s movies since the beginning.  We’ve also done several videos for them, all of them doing well, going viral.  “Crazy” hit number one on Ya’ll Wire, beating Taylor Swift!  Back to the show:  They played many of the tunes that have smattered Twitchy’s flicks including “Good At Goodbye,” “Better Than Being Alone” and “Angel In The Moonlight” while the audience sang along.
While the bands played, actors from 3 References met with the guests, signed posters and talked about the film. We held the Look At Me Again dvd release party after the film’s successful festival run (12 fests, over 20 awards) wound down.
We can’t thank the bands and the fans and the cast and crews enough.  We couldn’t do it without them and they give us the energy to keep going. 
photo by Carlo Rodirguez (
Lauren Hayes
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,
Brandon Whitlan
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,
Clif Haley with special guest James Christopher
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,
Jon English
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,
Benjamin Jabe, Terissa Kelton and Francis Casanova
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,
Harper Graham and Christian Swacker
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,
Vanessa Perry
(photo by Carlo Rodriguez,

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