Bare Bones Film Festival 2012

Twitchy Dolphin on the red carpet of the Bare Bones FIlm Festival

So, Bare Bones is one of my favorite festivals of all time.  Friendly, laid back and all in all, cool.  It’s not about gushing of “who” you saw or the stress of trying to meet the “right” people.  It’s about your film and you are the rockstar.  And sometimes, on the true indie circuit, that’s what we need.

The week was a blast, for sure.  Turkey Day star Colby Wallingsford and I loaded up in the Hyundai and headed up to Muskogee.  Nothing but our luggage, country CD’s and a truck full of dreams (and Colby’s face on the side of the car).  Nothing would deter us from success – not even the smell of the Motel 6.

As the week progressed, we were joined by more and more of our extended film family.  Terissa Kelton, Carlo Rodriguez, Mike Donis, Janet Mayson and Angela Tropea were with us for the better part of a mid week that featured several Footloose style dance offs.

By the time the rest of Twitchy arrived, it was time for two big moments for us.  The LETTERS FROM WOLFIE read through and the TURKEY DAY premiere.  The read through was AWESOME!  It was so freaking cool to hear the script read by great actors for the first time.

TURKEY DAY ‘s debut was even better.  Every joke hit and the film LOOKED amazing.  It’s a feeling akin to a proud father seeing is son score a touchdown.

The week ended (after much booze) with the awards.  While it took an excruciating amount of time for Twitchy’s name to get called, when it rained, it poured.  I took the silver in the screen play competition for Wolfie and the Oscar Ray ward for the best marketer,  while Turkey Day took the award for Audience Choice (feature).

A special thanks to everyone who came out to support us (many of whom are in the picture above by Carlo Rodriguez.)

I’ll be talking more about the festival in the coming days, including a couple of reviews!  Till then, keep it Twitchy.

Colby and I by the Turkey Day poster.


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